A new strategy about Bulgarians abroad is needed, Vice President Margarita Popova says

22 March 2012 | 11:11
The attitude of the state towards Bulgarians abroad should be changed and should be underpinned by a new strategy about Bulgarians abroad, Vice President Margarita Popova told the media in Veliko Turnovo.

“Month of political consultations” initiated by President Plevneliev comes to a close

22 March 2012 | 11:11
President Plevneliev met the leadership of political party Ataka. The “month of political consultations” initiated by President Rosen Plevneliev has conclude. In the coming weeks, the President will outline to the National Assembly the results of a series of meetings with the leaders of parties represented in Parliament, as well as consensus measures to be put to Parliament for agreement on a concrete plan to implement them this year. At the end of the year, the President will report to MPs about progress regarding each of the measures to be proposed to Parliament.

President Rosen Plevneliev: Bulgarian society will achieve consensus on national priorities

16 March 2012 | 13:01
Bulgarian society has the potential to achieve non-partisan consensus on national priorities, President Rosen Plevneliev and Prime Minister Boyko Borissov agreed at a meeting at 2 Dondoukov Boulevard. The Head of State met the leadership of political party GERB as part of the President’s “month of political consultations”.

Margarita Popova: There should be no dividing lines among the Bulgarian communities abroad

16 March 2012 | 11:11
Dividing lines should not be drawn among the Bulgarian communities abroad, but rather, common interests should be sought. Vice President Margarita Popova said this at a meeting at the University of Cologne late Thursday with students and representatives of the Bulgarian community in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Vice President handed over the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad’s “Ivan Vazov” medal of honour to the Bulgarian “Enlighteners” students club. The club is registered at the second largest university in Germany and is one of the most active Bulgarian student organizations in Germany and in Europe.

Bulgaria will participate in the debate on changing the Schengen Borders Code

15 March 2012 | 17:05
Bulgaria will participate in the expert debate on changing the Schengen Borders Code, today’s discussion at the Academy of European Law was told by Vice President Margarita Popova. She took part in the forum in the city of Trier along with representatives of the European Commission, the European border protection service FRONTEX and legal experts from EU member states.







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