15 July 2012 | 12:12

"Bulgarian Christmas" is a charitable initiative of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, which aims to encourage donations, help solve problems of importance to society, concerning the health of children and support their treatment.
As a result of the donation campaign, the culmination of which was the Christmas charity concert, and thanks to the empathy shown by thousands of virtuous Bulgarians, in 2024 "Bulgarian Christmas" has a budget of BGN 3,150,000. The distribution of the funds raised is realised by the co-founders of the initiative - the Presidential Institution, the Bulgarian National Television, Nova Television, as well as with the help of the Expert Council for the "Bulgarian Christmas" initiative, leading specialists in the field of children's health care, representatives of non-governmental and patient organisations. The participation of leading specialists in the field of child health, non-governmental and patient organisations contributes to compliance with the principles of publicity and transparency.
The 21st edition of "Bulgarian Christmas" is entitled "Give hope to a child in trouble" and is in support of children's surgery. The main goal of the 2023/2024 campaign, which continues throughout the year, is to draw public attention to paediatric surgery, to raise awareness of surgical interventions in children with congenital and acquired diseases, their impact on their lives, and to support children with such diseases for timely diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
In 2023, 586 children were supported for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation at a total cost of BGN 1,228,337, and medical equipment was provided for 26 medical facilities from all over the country at a total cost of BGN 2,283,576.00.
The initiative reaches out for another year to all children with various diseases, conditions and disabilities who need means for diagnosis, treatment, including medication, rehabilitation, speech therapy and psychological therapy, as well as medical devices and aids.
"Bulgarian Christmas" is hope for more rescued children, returned children's smiles and peaceful Bulgarian families. Because every child deserves a happy childhood and a fulfilling life!
Here is how you can support the "Bulgarian Christmas" cause:
By sending an SMS to the short number 1117 for A1, Vivacom and Yettel.
With each SMS you donate BGN 1 to a child in need.
For contract subscribers the cost of an SMS is BGN 1.
For users of prepaid services of all mobile operators the value is BGN 1.20 incl. VAT. 
By calling 09001117 for Vivacom and A1 fixed subscribers.
With every call you help a child in need with BGN 1.
The value of each call is BGN 1. 
Via bank transfer to:
IBAN: BG13UBBS80023300186210
Bank: United Bulgarian Bank 
Via internet transfer with a bank card or through ePay.bg.
It is necessary to have a bank card or micro-account registered in ePay.bg.
No fees are charged for a donation via micro-account.
If you donate by debit or credit card, you will automatically be charged a transaction fee according to the card-issuing bank's tariff.
You can also use an international credit card.
More information about the charity, the application process, and how donations can be made is available at www.bgkoleda.bg.








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