Head of State Rumen Radev held a meeting with IOC President Thomas Bach

2024-05-27 22:08:00

Bulgaria highly appreciates the readiness of the International Olympic Committee to support the efforts and ambition of our country to host the Youth Winter Olympic Games. This was stated by Head of State Rumen Radev at a meeting with IOC President Thomas Bach, which took place at the organization's headquarters in Lausanne.

During the meeting, the leadership of the IOC declared readiness for assistance in the preparation of a road map for the promotion of Bulgaria's candidacy, so that our country meets the standards for holding the sports event in Sofia. Bulgaria is proud of its traditions in winter sports and has gained significant experience in the organization of international competitions. Our country also has excellent natural conditions, President Rumen Radev said during the meeting. According to Thomas Bach, the proximity of the capital to the mountain would make the organization of the event much easier. It is necessary to assess the facilities and infrastructure needed to hold the youth sports forum.

The head of state stated that it is a source of pride for Bulgaria that it is among the 14 countries that participated in the First Modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. During their meeting, Rumen Radev and Thomas Bach noted the contribution of the Olympic Movement to the establishment of peace and understanding between people. The chairperson of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee, Stefka Kostadinova, as well as Vesela Lecheva, a member of the commission for public affairs and corporate communications at the IOC, took part in the meeting today.

Thomas Bach welcomed President Radev to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. The exposition traces the history of the Olympic movement from 1896 to the present day. It perpetuates achievements important to world sports, some of them by Bulgarian athletes. Among them is the record of 209 cm set by Stefka Kostadinova in the high jump, unattainable to this day. The museum also exhibits the original bar that Kostadinova overcame.

President Rumen Radev is on a working visit to the Swiss Confederation, where earlier today in Bern he held a meeting with President Viola Amherd.



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