Vice President: Our Schools Abroad Are Establishing Themselves as Spiritual Centres for the Bulgarian Community

2024-03-23 08:36:00
Iliana Iotova visits the Bulgarian Sunday School "Yordan Yovkov" in Bucharest
Bulgarian schools abroad not only provide knowledge, teach the Bulgarian language and tell about Bulgaria. They become spiritual centres for the Bulgarian community. They are pillars of Bulgarian culture. This is what Vice President Iliana Iotova said at a meeting with teachers and students from the Bulgarian Sunday School "Yordan Yovkov" at the Bulgarian Embassy in Bucharest. The school, founded in 1987, has over 60 students from preparatory group to 12th grade. The pupils welcomed Iotova with a recital of Bulgarian poems and the headmistress Nadezhda Cula presented the school's activities.
The Vice President pointed out that the best and most workable policy with our compatriots abroad is educational. Iotova thanked the teachers for their dedication and expressed hope that the experience of the Bulgarian Sunday School "Yordan Yovkov" in Bucharest will be applied in other places in Romania where Bulgarians live. The Vice President assured them of the support of Bulgaria and the presidential institution. The school received textbooks from Iotova.



Radev and Croatia's PM discuss Bulgaria's Schengen Accession to Land Borders and EU Enlargement

18 July 2024 | 19:07
Dealing with the migratory pressure towards Europe is a matter of the security of the European citizens and the Union and our country is actively working for this, Radev said

President Discusses Bilateral Cooperation with European HoSG

18 July 2024 | 17:05
In Blenheim Palace Oxfordshire, President Rumen Radev discussed issues of bilateral cooperation with heads of state and government of a number of European countries. The Bulgarian head of state is visiting the UK to participate in the meeting of the European political community

Rumen Radev: Accelerating Integration of the Republic of Kosovo into International Structures Will Be a Positive Sign for the Whole Region

18 July 2024 | 14:02
President Rumen Radev met today with the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, before the start of the summit of the European political community at the Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, UK

Rumen Radev: Bulgaria and Greece Must Work Intensely on Strategic Projects in Energy and Transport Connectivity

2 July 2024 | 19:07
Bulgaria is ready to help the European integration of North Macedonia where there is a lack of knowledge and political will, President Radev tells the media in Athens







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