President Rumen Radev Met With the Leadership of the Bulgarian Development Bank to Discuss the Bulgarian Hosting of the Three Seas Initiative

2021-01-20 15:51:00

President Rumen Radev held a meeting with the Executive Officers of the Bulgarian Development Bank Mr. Nikolay Dimitrov and Mr. Panayot Filipov at the Presidency to discuss the Bulgarian hosting of the Three Seas Initiative to improve regional transport, energy and digital connectivity. At the end of last year, the Bulgarian Development Bank joined the Initiative Investment Fund as a Class A shareholder with a commitment of BGN 20 million.

Bulgaria, along with the other countries, will continue to develop mechanisms to improve the decision-making process within the Three Seas Initiative, Mr. Rumen Radev emphasized during the meeting. The Head of State defined raising awareness regarding the criteria for determining the winning projects, as well as the mechanisms for granting funding as the major challenges. The President explained that the real opportunities of the Investment Fund would depend on the inclusion of the undecided parties under the Initiative, as well as on international financial institutions and on representatives of the private sector.  

The Executive Officers highlighted the readiness of the Bulgarian Development Bank to be a partner within the Three Seas Initiative. They stated that, thus far, they had been restraining from participating in the Initiative due to the previous absence of a political decision to join the Investment Fund, which was indeed taken in September 2020. The Bank is expected to have an established representation to the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of the Investment Fund which will contribute to the integral participation of the state of Bulgaria by the end of this month.

Mr. Rumen Radev pointed out that Bulgaria expects the Three Seas Initiative to turn into a real tool for social and economic cohesion in Europe in order to compensate the differences in the development of the different regions in the EU.


President Rumen Radev Discussed Undertaking Timely Measures for Protecting the Rights of Our Compatriots Abroad During a Meeting with the Security Services

1 March 2021 | 15:03
The undertaking of timely measures for adequate protection of the rights of Bulgarian citizens abroad whenever they are the subject of attacks due to their national self-identity was discussed by President Rumen Radev at a meeting at the Presidency with the leaders of the Security Services. Vice President Iliana Iotova also participated.

Rumen Radev: Cooperation in the Field of Innovation and Scientific Research is of Key Importance for Achieving 3SI Connectivity Goals

1 March 2021 | 15:03
“Cooperation in the field of innovation and scientific research is of key importance for achieving the Three Seas Initiative (3SI) connectivity goals in the field of energy, transport and digitalization,” said President Rumen Radev at a meeting held today at the Presidency with the President of the Scientific Research and Innovation State Agency Martin Danovski.

President Rumen Radev Calls for a Timely Response from Responsible Institutions in Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia to the Signals about Discrimination Against Compatriots in our South-Western Neighbour

22 February 2021 | 11:11
President Rumen Radev calls for a timely response from responsible institutions in Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia to the signals of our compatriots in our South-Western neighbour regarding important issues they are facing. The Bulgarian Head of State’s position is motivated by a letter received at the Presidency from ethnic Bulgarians in the Republic of North Macedonia in which they express concern at the continuing discrimination against them in the Republic of North Macedonia.

President Rumen Radev and Ambassador Christoph Eichhorn Discussed Topics on the European Agenda and Bilateral Partnership

4 February 2021 | 17:05
President Rumen Radev and the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany Christoph Eichhorn discussed topics on the European agenda and of the bilateral partnership today during a meeting at the Presidency. The perspectives of broadening the bilateral economic and investment cooperation and of improving the investment climate in Bulgaria were also highlighted during the meeting.







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