President Rumen Radev: Mount Athos Has Had a Beneficial Impact on the Orthodox Community Centuries on End

2019-11-15 17:06:00
Mount Athos has had a beneficial impact on the Orthodox community centuries on end and I hope that its relations with Bulgaria will continue to develop and deepen. This is what Head of State Rumen Radev said at a meeting with Protepistate Hieromonk Symeon and the Holy Community of Mount Athos  - the Holy Koinotita, comprised of representatives of each one of the 20 Orthodox monasteries. The Bulgarian President is visiting Mount Athos to take part in the celebrations of the feast the Bulgarian Orthodox St. George the Zograf Monastery – 16 November.
Rumen Radev toured the administrative center Karyes and emphasized that Mount Athos is place saturated with history, where the Orthodox peoples have their representatives, living in peace and harmony, based on the common history and orthodox faith. “The Bulgarian rulers, and also the rulers of other Orthodox countries have made their contribution to the establishment, strengthening and maintenance of the Mount Athos Monasteries,” the Head of State said. The representatives of the Monastery confraternities, for their part, have conducted their enlightenment and apostolic mission in the hardest for the Orthodox peoples times, supporting their Orthodox brothers with faith, word and deed.
In the President’s words, Mount Athos’ more than a thousand years’ existence as a consolidated Orthodox community is attributed to the harmonious combination of the government autonomy of each of the monasteries with the rules for coordination and agreement on common decisions, beneficial to the whole Orthodox Christianity in Southeastern Europe.   
Protepistate Hieromonk Symeon and the representatives of the Holy Community  solemnly welcomed Rumen Radev as Head of State in front of the central church “Protaton” in Karyes.  Protepistate Hieromonk Symeon{C}{C}{C}{C}emphasized the deep historical and spiritual ties between Mount Athos and Bulgaria and also the contribution of the many Bulgarian clerics and martyrs to Orthodox faith, who have lived studied and worked in Mount Athos, contributing to our common spiritual heritage. They are “the spiritual candle the Bulgarian people hold in the face of the Holy Theotokos,” Hieromonk Symeon


President Rumen Radev Held a Meeting with the Club of Ambassadors Speaking Bulgarian

9 December 2019 | 15:03
Language is the diplomat’s most powerful weapon, which opens doors to history, culture, people and provides the opportunity to really come to know a given country. This is what President Rumen Radev said, who held a working meeting with diplomatic representatives, members of with the club of ambassadors speaking Bulgarian.

President Rumen Radev Addressed the Startup Entrepreneurs: Your Non-standard and Brave Ideas Take Us to the Country of the Future

6 December 2019 | 17:05
The President hosted the first meeting between Bulgarian start-up companies and representatives of the German business in Bulgaria

The President: NATO’s Future is not in a Union of Producers and Clients, but of Partners, which should Together Guarantee their Security and Develop and Produce High Technologies and Military Equipment

4 December 2019 | 18:06
At the summit in London Rumen Radev called for a strengthened transfer of technologies and industrial cooperation with Bulgaria

Rumen Radev ahead of the NATO summit in London: the Funds Invested in Defense Capabilities Should Contribute to the Countries’ Own Economic Development and Social Systems

4 December 2019 | 11:11
The NATO summit should not become a domestic-policy rostrum, but should contribute to strengthening unity and increasing security. However, the problems and existing contradictions should be openly stated and a constructive dialogue should be held, which we expect to happen.








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