President Rumen Radev Awarded the Polish Artist and Public Figure Jan Englert the Honorary Plaquette St. St. Cyril and Methodius

2019-03-23 18:21:00

At a ceremony in the coat-of-arms hall at 2 Dondukov street, President Rumen Radev awarded the famous Polish artist and public figure Jan Englert the honorary plaquette St. St. Cyril and Methodius as a sign of recognition for his considerable contribution to contemporary art and popularizing Bulgarian culture.

The Head of State highlighted Jan Englert’s great role as an artist, head of prestigious cultural institutions, lecturer, pedagogue and producer, who played unforgettable roles in a lot of films and on the theatrical scene.  

“I share your philosophy that the global world is making us more and more willing to seek our roots. Seek not an easy, but valuable communication and defend freedom as a value that is based on clear ethical criteria that draw the line between honesty and immorality,” Rumen Radev emphasized. The President highlighted Jan Englert’s emblematic presence in the unforgettable Bulgarian film Doomed Souls and thanked him for becoming an ambassador of Bulgarian culture. “I wish you success in your intellectual march towards achieving a depth of emotions, towards the renaissance of ethics and restoring humanism,” the Head of State further said.

“During the tens of years that passed since I performed the role of father Eredia, in a really strange way I did not part with Bulgarian culture, neither did Bulgarian culture part with me. I keep a track of everything that happens in it. As far as I can, I continue to maintain my contacts, as director of the National Theater I invite Bulgarian theatrical companies to festivals in Warsaw and not because I was father Eredia but because I met wonderful people and artists and was welcomed with warm and honest feelings in Bulgaria, which is something extremely rare, especially today,” Jan Englert said.   


President Rumen Radev Held Talks with Zhang Qingli, Vice Chairperson of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

18 April 2019 | 17:05
“We are very impressed by China’s achievements in the economic development, overcoming poverty, raising the level of prosperity of a great number of social strata, the measures taken to improve the environment and the control on pollution, and also in enhancing the role of innovations.”

President Radev: Bulgaria Should Have Ready for Implementation Infrastructure Projects, so that We do not Miss the Opportunity for Big Foreign Investments

17 April 2019 | 15:03
The State of Qatar has the will and interest to invest in the Bulgarian transport infrastructure. However, our country should prepare and convincingly present its investments projects to this end. Without concrete technical parameters, financial analyses and time limits we cannot attract big international investors. This is what President Rumen Radev said at a meeting with Assembly deputies from the Committee on Regional Policy, Urban Development and Local Self-Government and the Committee on Transport, Information Technology and Communications.

Rumen Radev: All Our Successful Compatriots are Bulgaria’s Ambassadors in Qatar

12 April 2019 | 10:10
The achievements of all Bulgarian specialists who work in Qatar, in an environment of tough competition, are not only personal success, but also success for Bulgaria. This is what President Rumen Radev said at a meeting with representatives of the Bulgarian community in Qatar, which was held in Doha, within the second day of the Head of State’s official visit to the Arab country.

The Bulgarian President Reached an Agreement with the Emir of Qatar on Funding an Innovative Children’s Training Center in Sofia

11 April 2019 | 16:04
President Rumen Radev and Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani discussed in Doha high-tech projects which will set a new long-term framework of bilateral partnership








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