Rumen Radev: Our Common History and Culture Oblige Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia to Go Forth Together and Find Solutions to Even the Most Complicated of Issues

2021-05-27 18:53:00

I believe that alongside our friends of the Republic of North Macedonia, with whom we have shared a common spiritual space over the centuries, we decidedly wish to share together a common future in a united Europe as well. Our shared script and millennia-long history and culture not only eases us, but also obliges us to seek any and all possibilities and paths for cooperation and finding solutions to even the most complicated of issues together, stated President Rumen Radev, following his visit alongside his counterpart from the Republic of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski and their wives to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. It was in this historic temple that in the 9th century Pope Adrian II blessed the Slavonic script and books, as well as the work of the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius.

“It is an essential sign that at this holy place the Presidents of Bulgaria and of the Republic of North Macedonia share our clear message of cooperation, trust and friendship with our citizens,” Mr. Rumen Radev noted. The Head of State said that the work of Cyril and Methodius is an example of how a decisive step of education and enlightenment turned into the brightest thing that still continues to unite us centuries later. Through the alphabet, the Slavic Apostles created a new model of spiritual and cultural development that opened up a civilisational perspective before the Slavic peoples back in the 9th century, the President pointed out.

The Head of State also emphasised that Bulgaria is willing to consistently work for building bridges with the Republic of North Macedonia and for the development of economic, trade, educational and cultural ties and bringing closer together people from both sides of the border. Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia must work with even greater trust and a much more intensive dialogue in order to solve the problems between us together, the President stated. “Not in Brussels, Berlin or Paris, in the end, we will put it on paper there, but we must solve them together,” Mr. Radev further added.

The President emphasised that during the visit, he and President Pendarovski will be working on more practical issues as well: “We will soon have much better cooperation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic; there will be even greater help from Bulgaria.”

“During these two days, my colleague Mr. Radev and I realised we can speak one language. I’m not talking about Macedonian or Bulgarian. I’m talking about the European language which is the only one that could lead to a better future for our two nations,” stated President Stevo Pendarovski. He noted that their joint visit is proof of a new dynamic in bilateral relations and expressed his hope for the tradition of celebrating the work of Saints Cyril and Methodius at the highest level to continue.

“If you’re asking me for one message on what has happened over the past couple of days, what the essence of what we do is, other than celebrating the Holy Brothers Cyril and Methodius, to prove that progress and advancements in the development of any nation and state is only possible if there are two completely equal participants in a dialogue. No underestimation, no overestimation, with respect to what we are,” the President of the Republic of North Macedonia further added.


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