President Rumen Radev discussed at a meeting with energy company Lukoil, stabilising the economic environment and combating inflation

2022-09-08 15:25:00
High fuel prices lead to hikes in all commodities prices and a contraction in consumption and both consumers and producers lose, the Head of State said
It is necessary to identify measures to stabilise the economic environment and to combat inflation in favour of the Bulgarian consumer, strictly following market mechanisms. This is what President Rumen Radev said at a 2 Dondukov working meeting with officials from the energy company Lukoil. During the talks, the possibilities for curbing inflation and for a more predictable economic environment were discussed.
High fuel prices are among the leading reasons for the endearment of all goods and lead to a contraction in consumption, which is a loss not only for consumers but also for the producer, the Head of State said. Radev added that the economy and inflation depend to a large extent on the value of fuel production, which also sets Lukoil's strategic importance for this country, especially during crises.  The President highlighted the company's important role as a major fuel producer, holding a dominant market share in Bulgaria. He added that the upcoming Lukoil management meeting with the Bulgarian government is a good opportunity to identify effective solutions to combat inflation in the country.
Lukoil President Vadim Vorobyev said that in recent days, representatives of the Bulgarian government and the company have discussed possible actions to stabilise the economic environment and to stifle inflation.


President Radev in Tirana: The Security and Stability of the Whole of Europe Depends on the Full European Integration of the Western Balkans

6 December 2022 | 17:05
The Head of State urged not to politicise the Schengen issue in Bulgaria and to adopt the necessary laws under the Recovery and Resilience Plan

President: I Expect the Consultative Council of the Executive Agency for Bulgarians Abroad to Work Effectively in the Interests of Our Compatriots Abroad

5 December 2022 | 19:07
Bulgaria is actively working, including at the highest political level with the authorities in the Republic of Albania, to solve the problems of the Bulgarian national minority in that country, President Rumen Radev told journalists in Tirana before a meeting with representatives of the Bulgarian national minority in the Republic of Albania. The head of State is on a visit to Tirana, where tomorrow he will represent Bulgaria at the European Union-Western Balkans Summit.

Head of State: Bulgaria has Met All Technical Criteria for Schengen and will Continue to Defend its Dignity and Interests

5 December 2022 | 19:07
It was a mistake that I allowed in and gave a chance to people who stole our hopes for change, the President said

Radev at a meeting with EBRD President: Bulgaria is Working for Long-Term Solutions to Ensure Reliability and Autonomy of the Energy Sector

5 December 2022 | 17:05
Bulgaria is working for long-term solutions to ensure reliability and autonomy of the energy sector and to minimise the negative effects of new energy crises in the future, President Rumen Radev said today at a meeting with the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Odile Renaud-Basso in Tirana. The head of State is on a visit to Albania to attend the EU-Western Balkans summit.







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