Rumen Radev: Our society changes when each of us realises our human responsibility and we all ennoble our attitude towards each other

2022-01-01 08:28:00

Dear compatriots,

In a few minutes we will step into the New Year 2022.

Together with the whole world, we Bulgarians wish it to be healthier and more prosperous than the outgoing one. In the past year, we have become saturated with political confrontations. We have seen four parliaments and four governments. We have voted many times. Today it is time to celebrate.

Let us congratulate ourselves on the fact that, with our joint efforts, Bulgaria is on a new, healing path. The changes are complex, the old regime will struggle to preserve the system that guarantees its impunity and benefits, but the process is under way and nothing can stop it if we all are part of it - with reason, will and courage.

Not only as voters, but above all as people who build our lives and that of our homeland every day through our actions. Our society changes when each of us realises our human responsibility, when we all ennoble our attitude towards each other.

As we fill up our glasses, let us not forget those who need our support: the lonely, the weak, the poor, the friends and acquaintances who are going through physical and spiritual trials. Attention to our neighbour is the most memorable gift we can give ourselves. 

At this time of celebration, I thank all of the military, police, firefighters, and officers on duty in various departments who do their job so that we can celebrate. All the medics who selflessly fight for our lives and health in these difficult times.

I thank all those who have worked to build Bulgaria over the past year. Those who with honesty and courage defended the truth and fought for justice.

In 2021 we overcame the feeling of doom. We put behind us many myths and delusions.

But many challenges remain in front of us. Not only do we need to tackle the health and energy crises and their social and economic aftereffects, but we also need to take important decisions, to undertake decisive and long-overdue reforms that will put us on the track to accelerated development. So that we can take our rightful place in the European family and be proud of our educational, scientific and cultural accomplishments, our economic and technological successes.

The world around us is developing at a pace unseen until recently. Bulgaria can and deserves to be part of this process. We need to have high ambitions, to dream more boldly, to want more.

We enter the New Year 2022 with faith in our strength, with the conviction that our reason, our morality, our efforts are changing our lives hour by hour. Thousands of Bulgarians do wonders with their talent and diligence. Many do it far from their Motherland, but I am sure it is always on their mind. I am convinced that in the years to come this huge potential will transform Bulgaria.

Be healthy and may the New Year bring joy and prosperity to your homes!

Happy New Year 2022!


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